November 30, 2021

Demode Bistrot

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Fast food can be part of your healthy lifestyle

Fast food has a reputation for being high in trans-fat, saturated fat, sodium and calories, while having next to no healthy ingredients. For example, one loaded hamburger, fries and pie contain more saturated fat than you should eat in two days.

However, things are changing. The past few years have seen many fast-food restaurants make a concerted effort to improve their menus. As a result, many now offer low-fat options and fresh ingredients. Choose wisely and you no longer have to sacrifice a healthy meal for the sake of convenience.

You could even use the right fast food meals to lose weight.

But to do this, you must be an informed customer, resist menu temptations and make healthy choices. Finding a nutritious, cheap, convenient meal may be a challenge, but it can be done.